Mother Nature’s Guide to Training for Two

by Skye Dawson
Mother Nature’s Guide to Training for Two

If you’re pregnant, this may not be news to you: the female body is, uh, a thing of wonder. Who knew growing another tiny human in your body could be so bizarre.

Everyone will have an opinion on the process (some opinions more informed than others) but at the end of the day, there’s no getting around the fact that each pregnancy is completely and utterly unique.

So, how should you train? Can you train throughout your pregnancy? What exercises can you do and what exercises can’t you do? Can you still lift? What about after you give birth?

Here’s the under-whelming answer: It all depends on you. Really, you have to let Mother Nature guide you through the process.

Doctors and specialized trainers have a wealth of information on how to safely stay fit as you do your thing, but they can never get inside your body and feel what you feel.

They don’t know exactly how bad your nausea is, or how strong you are, or how motivated you feel that day. They don’t know that you have that weird pain in your lower back, or that you’re not properly controlling your pelvic floor as you lean forward. But you do.

I’m not one for mystical mumbo jumbo, but I do believe that pregnant women are equipped with a heightened sense of what’s in their best interests. Part of the joy of motherhood is learning to abandon control occasionally and be willing to let things unfold as they will. This means you take a breather if you’re not keeping up, but it also means pushing yourself if you’re feeling up to it, to hell with what other people think you should be doing.

Your body is the ultimate authority, and that little bun in your oven is your main concern, not the opinions of others. So, how should you train? Well, safely. Keep going as normal, but prick your ears to how your body is responding. Respect that you’ll need to rest a lot more.

Many women train successfully right up till the birth date, others sit the whole nine months out and catch up later. Whatever you decide though, you can’t go wrong tuning into what your body is communicating – and respecting what it wants.

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